Sunday, May 3, 2009

And so it starts...

Due to Gulli's tiny waist and lack of a bum, I have given up the search for clothes which fit and am starting to make my own for her. Funnily enough, I enjoy it and have already branched out beyond the pants which she needs to skirts, toys and more. 

My sewing thus far...

A twirly skirt for Gulli which I designed myself. It's quite long so should fit for some time.

A pair of cords for Gulli

Some cords for Lol Lol to fit comfortably over his cloth bum

Track pants for Gulli

Miss Gulli modelling her new Twirly Skirt

A "Scwappy Wabbit" each for Gulli & Lol Lol

Trackpants for Gulli (thanks Michelle for the pattern)

More Trackpants for Gulli

Even more trackpants for Gulli

A skirt for Gulli (modelled above)

A flannelette pillowcase for Gulli's cot size pillow

A pair of cords for Gulli (thanks to my scrapbooking ribbon stash for the pick ribbon)

A Grab Ball for Gulli & Lol Lol to play with 

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  1. Well done! All of the clothes that you have made a great. Amazing that you have been sewing for only a couple of weeks.