Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shorts for Billy

Okay. So it's finally warming up and coming out of Winter, and Billy is seriously lacking shorts. Simple solution, make some! I had a look at what patterns I had, but I didn't want a pair of time consuming, overly detailed shorts this time. I wanted something simple, basic and quick to make. Surprisingly, none of my patterns fit the bill! So here is my attempt at altering a pattern.  I removed front and back pockets as well as the fake fly, used a foldover waistband rather than a seperated attached one and I shortened the leg length. I also put a simple pocket on the side so they would be plain, simple but not boring!

Although the fabric looks quite shiny, it is only drill from SL, but the pocket is quilting cotton received yesterday from HT. 

I haven't photographed them on Billy, but he did try them on this morning. They were a little tight over his bulky cloth nappy, but I think they would be a good fit over a slimmer cloth nappy, or over a disposable. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yummy fabric!

The kids and I arrived home from our walk this morning, to find a parcel with these gorgeous fabrics inside!

The green fabric on the left is to try and complete a wrap skirt for me, the one in the middle is going to be an accent fabric on a pair of shorts for Billy. The Pink will most likely end up as a dress, and I haven't worked out the others yet!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ella's new skirt...

After working madly towards yesterday's market, I decided last night that it was time to sew something for my own kids for a change. This skirt is the result! It's my own design, and has been made with a size 3 length (to hopefully fit for at least this Summer and next), and size 00 waist. 

The waistband and hem are the same fabric, with the feature in between. 

It is constructed using French seams, which I love the look of, but am thinking in future I'll use the overlocker as it got so think that when I sewed the side seam I broke a needle! I had to use a thicker needle to sew the side seam, then switch back to a thinner needle for the elastic casing. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oliver+s Sandbox Pants

These pants have been in the works for quite a long time now, so it feels great to have them finally finished!

I am trying to build up Billy's wardrobe ready for next year, so this pair of Oliver+s Sandbox Pants is a size 2. It doesn't look very long in the leg for a size 2, but Billy has short legs so that shouldn't be a problem. The cuffs are also turned up enough that they could be let down with an overlocked edge. 

I love the pocket details of these pants. The front pockets are simply sewn on top of the front panel, so very easy to do, and they are fully lined in the chocolate material, so again a beautiful finish. 

Sorry for the dark photo! I love the tie on this one. It's made of two ties joined with a length of elastic. I have stitched the elastic to the tie casing at the back in the middle so that Billy can't pull the tie out, but it can still be fully adjusted according to his size next year. The waistband and tie is a true chocolate colour, it just doesn't show that well on these photo's.

Oops, forgot to turn this one. The pockets on the back of the pants are fully lined with the chocolate cotton of the waistband. I chose not to add the button closure on the pockets so that Billy can use the pocket easier. At the age of 2, I can't see him undoing buttons! It was a shame though, as I had the perfect buttons to match!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally something for me!

Most of what I sew is either for my children or for Ebony Creations, so to sit down this week and sew something for me made a very nice change!

Next month we are moving to Melbourne, and due to our soon-to-be bigger mortgage, we have decided to start a rather strict budget. How does this relate to sewing for myself? Well, I decided I needed a small coin purse to hold our food budget money. To keep within the budget, I found a free tutorial for a Coin Purse and used fabric out of my stash. I wasn't too sure which interfacing to use, and should have gone with a thinner one as the purse ended up almost too thick to sew through! I'll know for next time. As a result, the purse isn't quite as neat or straight as I would have liked, but I am still happy with the outcome.

I also finished Ella's Fancy Pants. I love this pattern, it came together beautifully, though is quite wide in the leg on my skinny minny. The pants are made from embroidered denim from Spotlight, and I added back pockets and ruffles to the bottom of each leg. The next time I make this pattern, I plan to shorten the waist, add front pockets and then a separate waist band. I made a size 2 length, size 0 waist (pulled in tighter with elastic),and although they are a little long, she is barefoot in the photo's.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Winter Nightie

This nightie was my first attempt at playing with interlock, a gorgeous print from Spotlight. The pattern is modified from a New Look PJ pattern I have (these PJ's are the same pattern, and I've made some summer nighties also). It is originally a short sleeve, V-neck top which I have turned into a round neck, lengthened the arms, and lengthened the hem. It sits quite large on Ella so she should get two winters out of it, hopefully!

Close up of the print...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pants in advance

I have a very bad habit of buying way too many clothes for my children. They have way more than they can ever wear! So when I want to make them something, but they don't need it! 

So... I am sewing for the next Summer and winter season. Okay, really I just wanted to make these pants but Billy has so many pants for this winter, and the pattern started at a 2 which is way too big for him this winter. So I pulled some gorgeous navy cord out of the cupboard and decided on some olive green thread for the stitching. It's not as thick as I would like, but the last time I tried using specific topstitch thread, it kept breaking on me. So regular it is. 

The front of the pants have pockets, the first time I have attempted this style of pocket. I love the look of the double stitching on them. The fly is fake.

The back also has two pockets with double stitching.

Close up of the back pockets...

Close up of the front pocket detail. I also really like the way the waistband was done on this pattern, make a circle leaving half the seam open, fold in half, then stitch on both sides of the band at the same time. It did require a little bit of hand sewing (my pet hate) but gave a very neat finish!

The only problem now is that they won't fit Billy for 12 months! 

I am thinking that with a few alterations this pattern could turn into a really nice pair of pants for Ella. It would need to be a lot narrower, and I love a bootleg cut on her, but I think it could work. 

Friday, April 30, 2010

Too many clothes? Time for a bag...

So what to do when your children have more clothes than they can wear? Start making bags! 
My inspiration for this design is a dinosaur footprint. Both sides are the shape of the footprint, joined by a 2.5 inch strip and then completed with a single handle. I had planned on using interfacing to help the points stand up firmer, but could only find pellon in the house. So, it's all padded with pellon, but if I make another it will also have interfacing to stand a little firmer. As is it stands more like an open basket. Although not entirely the shape I wanted, Ella responded with a wide-eyed "WOW", and proceeded to play with it non-stop. That's the most important thing!

Note the very well loved Rah-rah in the bag...

Three year old cooking! 

Today Ella made chocolate chip cup cakes! I helped with the measuring, melting butter and using the oven, but she did the vast majority of the rest. I was quite proud that we actually had enough mixture to go into the patty pans, and that she hadn't eaten it all first!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A girl can't have too many clothes...?

Another pair of Oliver+s PJs for Miss Ella. These are a size 3 length and size 2 width, though the elastic in the pants pulls them in quite a lot. I love this pattern, have made it five times now!

Ella modelling her other pair of Oliver+s PJs, had to wait for a night cold enough to put them on her! (In the second photo she is pretending to be an aeroplane!) These are so soft and snuggly on that I will definitely be looking into more Robert Kaufman flannel next season.

This skirt is made from stretch cord, and another attempt at making clothing without a pattern. The front and back panels started out the same size, then I tapered the front so the band would sit flat on her waist and then flare slightly. There is elastic through the back of the waistband. Pockets are quilting cotton with bias binding edge. They are very small pockets, for show more than use (although apparently stones will still fit).

I was a bit worried that it was too short after I finished it, I was aiming for knee length, but it ended up being exactly what I had envisaged.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aw...and big news!

So this dress looks cute on the hanger, but I love love love it on Ella! She wore it to a party last weekend with a lot of positive comments from people who don't know that I sew. Was great to get the feedback because I plan on making this dress into tops to sell. 


Another pair of Oliver+s PJ's. I love this flannelette, it's Robert Kaufman and so soft.

Our big news. We have sold our house, and bought another! So in less than two months it will be good-bye to Canberra and hello again to Melbourne. We'll be living quite close to my family, and will be only one day's drive from Dave's family where we are currently two day's drive. Our new house is in a quiet court location with a reserve and playground in the middle of the court (how excited will the kids be!), and it has a big yard. It's four bed, ensuite and good sized living areas. We were so lucky to get the first house we put an offer on! I also love that it's walking distance to both local shops and a major shopping centre.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm so in love with owls!

Ella might not *need* another dress, but this pattern is so cute that I couldn't wait to try it. It's a size 2 and quite wide so hopefully as she grows it can turn into a top eventually. I am hoping to also modify the design to make tops also.

Bias binding around the armholes, much quicker and easier than making bias tape from the main body fabric!

Gorgeous bow to tie the dress up

Owls and flowers, so cute!

Will try and find a model to show the dress properly tomorrow ;)

Gorgeous fabric

My first fabric order from etsy certainly didn't disappoint! Stunning cottons...

Such cute owls!

And divine flannelette to make some PJ's for Ella using my favourite Oliver+s PJ pattern. I haven't chosen a trim fabric yet (she doesn't even need another pair this coming winter, but couldn't pass up such lovely flannelette!) so it may sit in the fabric box for a little while. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Headband for Ella

The fabrics used in this headband match one of her shift dresses. It's double sided (blue with little birds on the other side), made from moda fabrics and joined with elastic at the back. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's time for PJ's!

The nights are getting cooler so it's time for some nice cuddly winter PJ's for Billy.

The first pair of PJ's are a size 3 (the smallest size that the pattern comes in) and I think they will have to be put away for next year. I absolutely love the puppy dog material, and have extended the arms with dark green to make them into warm winter PJ's.

Good old trusty Oliver+s Kimono style PJ's. Ella already has two pairs of this design and I just love it. This material is flannelette and has planes and helicopters on it, the trim is quilters cotton. They are a size 2, so hopefully he'll get a couple of years out of them! I have some frog material ready to make another pair soon also.

My cheeky monkey model!