Monday, July 19, 2010

Oliver+s Sandbox Pants

These pants have been in the works for quite a long time now, so it feels great to have them finally finished!

I am trying to build up Billy's wardrobe ready for next year, so this pair of Oliver+s Sandbox Pants is a size 2. It doesn't look very long in the leg for a size 2, but Billy has short legs so that shouldn't be a problem. The cuffs are also turned up enough that they could be let down with an overlocked edge. 

I love the pocket details of these pants. The front pockets are simply sewn on top of the front panel, so very easy to do, and they are fully lined in the chocolate material, so again a beautiful finish. 

Sorry for the dark photo! I love the tie on this one. It's made of two ties joined with a length of elastic. I have stitched the elastic to the tie casing at the back in the middle so that Billy can't pull the tie out, but it can still be fully adjusted according to his size next year. The waistband and tie is a true chocolate colour, it just doesn't show that well on these photo's.

Oops, forgot to turn this one. The pockets on the back of the pants are fully lined with the chocolate cotton of the waistband. I chose not to add the button closure on the pockets so that Billy can use the pocket easier. At the age of 2, I can't see him undoing buttons! It was a shame though, as I had the perfect buttons to match!


  1. Gorgeous! .... Alright, I do need to get going on mine! lol .. Wish I was making size 2 and not size 6! lol

  2. These are lovely, they look great in a chunky cord. Good job :-)

  3. Thanks!

    Claire - I love the chunky cord, it's so soft too.

    Mel - I can't wait to see your pair!

  4. they are great.... you could always add the buttons to the outside of the pocket where they would be poking through the button hole if you wanted that look