Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pants in advance

I have a very bad habit of buying way too many clothes for my children. They have way more than they can ever wear! So when I want to make them something, but they don't need it! 

So... I am sewing for the next Summer and winter season. Okay, really I just wanted to make these pants but Billy has so many pants for this winter, and the pattern started at a 2 which is way too big for him this winter. So I pulled some gorgeous navy cord out of the cupboard and decided on some olive green thread for the stitching. It's not as thick as I would like, but the last time I tried using specific topstitch thread, it kept breaking on me. So regular it is. 

The front of the pants have pockets, the first time I have attempted this style of pocket. I love the look of the double stitching on them. The fly is fake.

The back also has two pockets with double stitching.

Close up of the back pockets...

Close up of the front pocket detail. I also really like the way the waistband was done on this pattern, make a circle leaving half the seam open, fold in half, then stitch on both sides of the band at the same time. It did require a little bit of hand sewing (my pet hate) but gave a very neat finish!

The only problem now is that they won't fit Billy for 12 months! 

I am thinking that with a few alterations this pattern could turn into a really nice pair of pants for Ella. It would need to be a lot narrower, and I love a bootleg cut on her, but I think it could work. 

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  1. These are gorgeous, really nice details and so beautifully finished. Love them!