Friday, April 30, 2010

Too many clothes? Time for a bag...

So what to do when your children have more clothes than they can wear? Start making bags! 
My inspiration for this design is a dinosaur footprint. Both sides are the shape of the footprint, joined by a 2.5 inch strip and then completed with a single handle. I had planned on using interfacing to help the points stand up firmer, but could only find pellon in the house. So, it's all padded with pellon, but if I make another it will also have interfacing to stand a little firmer. As is it stands more like an open basket. Although not entirely the shape I wanted, Ella responded with a wide-eyed "WOW", and proceeded to play with it non-stop. That's the most important thing!

Note the very well loved Rah-rah in the bag...

Three year old cooking! 

Today Ella made chocolate chip cup cakes! I helped with the measuring, melting butter and using the oven, but she did the vast majority of the rest. I was quite proud that we actually had enough mixture to go into the patty pans, and that she hadn't eaten it all first!

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