Sunday, April 25, 2010

A girl can't have too many clothes...?

Another pair of Oliver+s PJs for Miss Ella. These are a size 3 length and size 2 width, though the elastic in the pants pulls them in quite a lot. I love this pattern, have made it five times now!

Ella modelling her other pair of Oliver+s PJs, had to wait for a night cold enough to put them on her! (In the second photo she is pretending to be an aeroplane!) These are so soft and snuggly on that I will definitely be looking into more Robert Kaufman flannel next season.

This skirt is made from stretch cord, and another attempt at making clothing without a pattern. The front and back panels started out the same size, then I tapered the front so the band would sit flat on her waist and then flare slightly. There is elastic through the back of the waistband. Pockets are quilting cotton with bias binding edge. They are very small pockets, for show more than use (although apparently stones will still fit).

I was a bit worried that it was too short after I finished it, I was aiming for knee length, but it ended up being exactly what I had envisaged.


  1. love the skirt, funky with the tights ! oh i just noticed you have the same outdoor setting as us lol

  2. Thanks! I've seen a lot of people with the same outdoor setting (nothing to do with the price of it I'm sure hehe!).