Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jacquie's gifts

I came home today to find a surprise in the mail. My Mum's friend Jacquie (who I've never had the opportunity to meet) sent this lovely parcel of goodies for Gulli and Lol Lol. 

The parcel included a picture book, two board books and a rabbit for each of them, the top set are Lol Lol's, and the bottom set were for Gulli. 

Gulli was so excited by everything, she immediately sat down to read the books, while Lol Lol thought sucking on the "words" book was the way to do it!

Jacquie has been so wonderful to both of my children, she has knitted dolls and dogs which get dragged around everywhere, and given them other books too. I can't thank her enough for her generosity and kindness, and I really hope that one day I will get the chance to meet her. 

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  1. Dear Jo,
    Jacquie tells me she has met you on a fleeting visit as we were walking down her road and she was in the front garden. Love Mum